Chipmunk 1.2.8

Find duplicates fast


  • Original way of presenting files
  • Very quick to scan
  • Allows you to preview files


  • No way to customise results

Very good

It's amazing how quickly your hard drive can get filled with duplicated files and folders. Chipmunk will help you clean up your Mac and rid it of any duplicate files.

The application displays files in an intuitive way, linking folders together in a graph style view which may look odd at first but you soon get used to it. Instead of simply looking for files with a similar name or creation date, Chipmunk goes further and finds folders that include identical content. Once you've found a duplicate you can choose to simply remove it or keep it with a click of the mouse.

Most recently, Chipmunk has included a useful Quickview feature so that you can preview duplicates and there's much better integration with Finder. Searches are very fast and the results are returned by default in order of file size so you can see which files are occupying the most space first. The only thing that is lacking is any way to customize the results to your liking.

Chipmunk helps you find folders that have the same content quickly thanks to an original graph view.

Changed the registration window to make mistakes more hard to make


  • Changed the registration window to make mistakes more hard to make

Find duplicates where ever they are what ever name they have. Chipmunk considers strictly content. No mucking about with creation dates and file names and stuff. You will be amazed how quickly Chipmunk eats through hundreds of megabytes, considering it compares the content of these files.

If you can access it you can search it. External drives, network shares, removable media, you name it. Delete all files in a folder that have duplicates elsewhere. Or vice versa: Delete all files outside a folder that have duplicates inside it. Or hand pick your candidates, of course.

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Chipmunk 1.2.8

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